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Years ago, I heard a pastor preach a sermon that has resided in the annals of mind ever since.  And though I wish I could recall the points of every important sermon I’ve heard, the reality is that I feel as though I’m now at an age where I have to forget something to make room for anything new to be remembered.  Can you relate?

The sermon, as the title of this post implies, was about keeping our relationship to Jesus Christ the main thing.  Jesus is to be our central focus.  He should be the one that we are pointing others to, telling them about, and loving them as he would.  He, according to the Scriptures is the way, the truth, and life!  And furthermore, no one gets to the Father except through him.  It is after him that we should pattern our lives.  We should seek to follow him, imitate him, and know him more.  He is to be the MAIN THING in our lives, and we should cherish him more than silver or gold!

I share this post simply to ask if you are keeping the main thing the main thing in your life?  Is this a moment that will spur you to repent of falling away from a relationship with him?  Have you pursued other things that have led you into a life void of a meaningful relationship with him?  What have you let interfere with your relationship with Christ?  As long as you are breathing, it is never too late to repent and restore the Main Thing to it’s proper place!